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Yeah I wouldnít be happy to pay all that money and have issues in bad weather considering itís made in Russia. I would think the design would be based on severe Russian winters. Iím still druling over one but I live in SoCal where we donít have any severe winters.

I look at all this different. Like I said, you would be hard pressed to find ANY gun that is reliable without fault at all. Especially when it comes to water that freezes AFTER it enters a mechanism.

Take the ol single shot shotgun for example, you donít let water enter the muzzle on a rainy day then let it freeze, then shoot it.

You are calling some very extreme conditions fatal flaws. The spit of air/water is inherent to shoot through mags, you could have found that out before purchasing.

Sounds like you need to sell and move on. Sorry again for your disappointment.

Was there anything you did like about the gun?


the spray of water in the face comes from small ports behind the action mechanism, not the actual slight gap around the magazine. I'd describe this as not similar to the blast around the cylinder of a revolver. I have plenty of other guns, powderburner and air, and none of them have ever had these sorts of issues with snow and ice. At worst a bolt will stick or a seal will develop a slow leak (this happens to my 392 in severe cold) but these are acceptable. The issues with the L2 are much more severe and develop much more readily in comparison to my others.

Pasednamike, I agree, in that environment you should be just fine

SB327, up here a 25 degree snow day is balmy and beautiful, hardly extreme. It hardly took any time in this setting to show problems. There are many things I like, such as the symmetrical charging port with the rotating cover which is very smart, the 20 MOA tilt to the pic rail, the compatibility with various AR grips, etc. The barrel itself is very stout and locks down with the four set screws with absolute security, which is a breath of fresh air compared to my flimsy Gauntlet. I like that the placement of the pressure gauge does not require me to point the barrel at my face. I love the steadiness with which the gun can be shot offhand due to the heavy stock and pistol grip, and of course semi-auto brings smiles all day. This love serves to magnify my frustration, like when a beloved dog rolls in feces or carrion.

Thanks for reading my rant guys

anyone useing the Edgun Leshiy 2 since this thread was posted?
some other input from users pros and cons


--- Quote from: pan60 on December 10, 2022, 04:37:20 PM ---anyone useing the Edgun Leshiy 2 since this thread was posted?
some other input from users pros and cons

--- End quote ---

Yes I am :) I love mine I want the 250 mm in .30 now:) need a pocket canon


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