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--- Quote from: pan60 on December 10, 2022, 07:19:29 PM ---very helpfull!
not familure withe Airgun Geeks podcast but i will do a search for it.
thanks pan

--- End quote ---

Yeah check them out theyíre very fun and informative to listen to

The trigger is just different than what most expect. I use the very tip of my finger and slow squeeze. The Ďspringinessí of my finger reacts to the drop in pressure holding the ball closed and this creates a follow through type pull. Works fine for me.

A fantastic gun for sure and built like a tank.

Although I will not say it is a bench gun, it doesnít do too bad from a bench. Quite accurate.


Figured Iíd update here after putting a year in with the olí L2
All in all I love the gun. I donít choose to use it when itís very cold which clears up the ice issue. I put some tape over the vents that blew air at my face. Not elegant, but effective, and it still cycles fine. I polished the face of the barrel that meets with the magazine gently with a knife strop. I very rarely have cycling issues. It seems like there was an extended break-in because these days the thing shoots lights-out accurate with CPHP 850-950fps, JSB 18s 860-900fps, and also NSA 20.2s in the .2195 diameter up over 915fps. The SD is a little higher than Iíd like but thatís not a huge issue. The NSA will stay around an inch at 60 yards which blows me away considering the size and action of the gun. Incredible power for the barrel length too. Gun took some learning but is a keeper. Highly recommend adding the bottle, especially if youíre pushing slugs.


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