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AE21 - Umarex USA CO2 Backyard BLAST! - Range DAY with UX CO2 - Rec. 05-14-21



Umarex USA certainly delivered the goods for the Airgun Expo.  Not only did they provide the .50 Cal Hammer, the .25 Cal Gauntlet 2, Weather Rein, and SurgeMAX Elite, but they also sent over a TON of really cool CO2 airguns like the Fusion 2, M1A1 Full Auto, new Walther PPQ pellet pistol, and the M29 Revolver.   Umarex USA continues to demonstrate their dominance in the US market when it comes to what they have to offer airgunners!
Learn more about these products at:   

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The Airgun Expo was held from May 10th, 2021 through May 14th, 2021.  It was our pleasure to have companies from all over the US and Internationally present their products at our first event.

Airgun Expo was held at AirgunWeb Media Group headquarters in West Texas.  The Airgun Expo is brought to you by Gateway to Airguns ( and Airguns of Arizona (  To learn about ALL our sponsors and see more information about the products they presented at the show, please use the links below or just visit (  Thank you for Watching!

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