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Since a lot of guys are getting close to shooting a 50 - 5X, I was wondering if you wanted to make the scoring more difficult?.... The target shown below is the official NUAH target, but with a smaller X-ring added.... The old "X" ring becomes the 10 (1 MOA), there is a new 1/2" diameter "X" ring, and the scores for the other rings are shown on the target, they all drop by 1 point.... As before, any shot touching the line would score the lower score, to even out the calibers as much as possible....

Since all the rings, when printed from a .pdf file (which I can supply, it is NOT the one above) would be the same size as what we have now, we would still have the 1, 2, 3 and 4 MOA rings available so that a target could be used to qualify for Membership in NUAH or an upgrade, if the other requirements are met.... I can fill in the 10 ring with colour if you wish, or you can just colour it with a transparent marker, colour of your choice....

So, what do you think?.... Personally, I am voting to keep the original scoring system, but I don't shoot as much, or as well, as most of the regulars, so let's hear your opinion.... No guarantee we would change, but we won't know what the shooters want unless we ask....  ???


That's a tough call. I can't remember the ring sizes for RMAC and EBR, or even if they are the same size? I guess it would be nice to match our NUAH to their size and scoring method?

I don't see how scoring the lower score evens out the higher calibers, because there are lots of .22 cal shooters kickin' my .30 cal's butt here lately? LOL

Then there's that part of me that hates change........unless it's for the purpose of simplifying something. Which brings me back to my first statement as to how it would match up with the matches like EBR and RMAC.

I'll have to look at other folks ideas on this and "circle back" to ya!    LOL

Jimmy, I actually changed the target image above, the outer rings are more like what we have now, no sense in having even lower scores because nobody shoots there anyways.... We did a lot of comparisions with other targets when we started NUAH, and I don't want to see the basic target changed either.... I sure can't consistently shoot a 50 as it is, let alone a 5X.... but I wanted to hear from those guys who can about whether they want to make it even harder?....

We spent a lot of time discussing how to make it more fair between larger and smaller calibers, and we came up with scoring to the lower value as the best compromise.... I'm betting that if the guys shooting .22 and .25 now were shooting .30 or .35, they would score even better if we changed to using the higher value instead of the lower.... With a 1/2 MOA "X"-ring I'm betting nobody is going to get a 5X, all 5 shots inside it without touching it....  ::) .... Maybe that makes it too hard?....


Bob, if I'm looking at your new target correctly, scoring a 50/50 on your target would be as hard as scoring a 5x on the old target?

You are correct, 50/50 would be as hard as a 5X on the old target.... and almost exactly the same as scoring 50/50 on a EBR with "bump up" scoring and a .25 cal.... However, getting an "X" on the above target would be more difficult than at EBR....  :o

For reference, here are the EBR target sizes.... used both at 75 and 100 yards....

X = 0.200"  (0.70")  [.50"]
10 = 0.475"  (0.975")  [1.00"]
9 = 1.250"  (1.750")  [2.00"]
8 = 2.000" (2.500")  [3.00"]
7 = 2.800"  (3.300")  [4.00"]
6 = 3.580"  (4.080")  [6.00"]
5 = 4.360"  (4.860")  [8.00"]
4 = 5.125"  (5.625")

However, add to those twice the caliber, and you will get a proper comparison to what we use.... Numbers added in red above for .25 cal.... I have added the sizes for the above target in blue....



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