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Goat hunting.

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Thanks for checking in brother. No rush, we're here either way and thoughts are with you.

Nomadic Pirate:
Thanks fellas,

one way or an other things will change,
we even considering a move to Europe, the fact that 2 full time working adults are not able to find a place to rent is pretty sad,
we have a few months to think about this, in the meantime this place we are staying I can't even let one round off so it chills everything down :(

Nomadic Pirate:
Spent the afternoon/evening in the goat valley and hear absolutely no sound,

I'll go back hunting there at the crack of dawn seems more productive.

Too bad, but not totally unexpected.
Goats will graze over a very large area. They will be here this morning, and 3 miles away by nightfall, nibbling and frolicking all the way along.

Might want to brush up on your tracking skills bro. Or maybe use a drone.
Best of luck.

Nomadic Pirate:
I found a place where they come down to the valley and go up the opposite ridge, next time will go scout up the 2 ridges to see if it's valuable hunting grounds,
but I expect tall, thick Elefant grass and that makes for unhuntable grounds.


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