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Best gas ram air rifle

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--- Quote from: DanD on March 12, 2023, 02:26:44 PM ---I agree that Theobens were probably the nicest rammers ever built, but their collectible high price and scarcity makes them hard to obtain and harder to recommend to a new shooter.
I used to have a Beeman Crow Magnum IV (Theoben Eliminator) in. 25. It was an excellent shooter and the most beautiful gun I ever owned. But it was heavy, long, clumsy, and too pretty for squirrel hunting in the brush, so I sold it and eventually settled on a chopped R9 as my rifle of choice.
I also had an RX2 (HW90) that shot well, but I'm just not into long, heavy guns like that, so I let it go. I get much more joy out of compact rifles.
The .22 Fenman has been on my radar for a couple decades as possibly the most perfect small game air rifle ever produced (if hunting with a silencer is legal in your region) and I once shot an Evo set up for sub 12 FT that I quite liked. I hope to find a Fenman and/or Evo to add to my rotation someday, but I'd be surprised if they could buy more enjoyment than the well-sorted HW, BSA, and Webley carbines I've found over the years for fractions of what Theobens cost.

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If cost is a major factor I don't think anyone would take up a hobby. I know all my hobbies cost me a fortune!

I have a number of small lightweight springers carbines but still like using my Fenman.

Have you looked at the Cometa Fenix 400 Compact and the Cometa 220 compact. The 220 is around 10/10.5 ft/bs out of the box in .22 and
still useful for vermin control.

I have a hw90 in .22 very nice rifle, can adjust power, can serviced gas ram system, nice trigger, top quality.


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