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Best gas ram air rifle

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I want a gas ram air rifle that will last me the rest of my life, I want power and accuracy. I was looking at the Benjamin trail np xl, but I saw the scope rail came off them often, and I went to hatsan reviews and saw they seem to leak a lot, I donít want a springer, Iíve had a nitro piston in the original Benjamin trail np and itís still alive, and that rifle is 8 years old, granted my cousin owns it now, none of my springers lasted that long without needing a rebuild. So recommend  me a rifle Iím willing to go up to 500$. Preferably in the magnum category,

The best gas strut rifles are probably by Weihrauch with Diana running a close second.  You're talking a lifetime purchase you can hand down to your kids and grandkids.

To expound upon Thomas's answer, look up the Weihrauch HW90 and Diana N-Tec line of rifles.

Blowpipe Sam:
If you want a rifle to pass down to future generations Iíd avoid a gas ram.  Gas struts have a lifespan just like springs.  When a gas strut wears out in 10 years where will you get a replacement?  Will that strut still be available or will it have been superseded by something else? Given the difficulty of finding replacement gas rams right now while the technology is trending does not bode well for the future.  I own several gas ram guns and like them.  I do not consider them heirloom quality.  If Iím going to spend the money on a top quality break barrel air rifle it will be a spring powered one. At least I know Iíll be able to get OEM parts for it.

Every gas ram out there depends on seals to make it hold air and sooner or later they all fail. While I may be wrong, the only 2 I know of that are rebuildable/adjustable are the ram in the HW90 and the Hatsan Vortex gas rams. Everything else is sealed units and the only option is replacement, your Trail NP among them, although Crosman sells them pretty cheap. Last I knew a new one was $10-$12.

Heirloom, pass down to your kids someday rifle would be the HW90, but it's a bit more than your $500 even from Krale and David Slade for as long as he stays in business would be the guy to talk to should you need help or a rebuild.

Diana N-Tec I think are sealed unit rams but still great quality guns. The 350 Magnum is $480 at AoA when/if they get some back in stock. The N-Tec ram with a little work can be fairly easily replaced once you find one. Hector Medina or TW Chambers would be 2 places to try should that day ever come.

Hatsan, definitely not heirloom rifles but their Vortex rams can be rebuilt fairly easy and only takes 2 o-rings and a high pressure hand pump to refill them.


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