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crosman 1377 double tube pumper ? about to find out ( pics

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Rob M:
theres a way to look up crosman part numbers , call them and order specific parts direct..but for things like grip frames , all us modders have a few laying around from previous builds..accumulating a good crosman parts bin is a must

Thanks, Rob! I also dug around some more and Mac1 has some great components, I just need to keep digging. I may have also found my project gun, a Beeman Chief 2. Very similar to a Disco, but with a 3k psi tube. I think I may have to dust off my little Atlas lathe and make some chips.


--- Quote from: Rob M on June 18, 2023, 11:50:42 PM ---accumulating a good crosman parts bin is a must
--- End quote ---

Hear hear ;D


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