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NEW GATE starting 8/01/2021

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 Im getting PMs about this and all I can say is thank you but please keep politics out of this(ok in PMs) . We are open to ideas on the ARK so if you have and ideas please share.

Fresh out of ideas but a BIG thank you for all your efforts.

 I just noticed a link to ARK last night, did not investigate, but now I know. Will see If my VEMO account is still active.  8)

Greg_E: a few people moved there when their firearms channels got whacked, but there is basically nothing in the airgun areas. Pretty much as easy as YT and they do offer live to some channels. It is unclaimed territory for the adventurous explorer looking to put down stakes.

Travis... as seen below, the description remains as it was before the Current Events gate was converted.
That will need to be changed before we begin getting unwanted posts....  ;)
Look just below the subgate list.


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