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Make "how to" videos clear!

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New airgunner here. Being a long time firearms shooter/reloader/amateur gunsmith I'm a dedicated tinkerer. One good source of info for working on a new gun is videos and I've been looking at several. I gotta say, the air gun videos I've seen are largely difficult to watch. Many times the hand held cameras with half the gun out of the frame half the time and bouncing around all the time are difficult to watch. And the sound quality is often lacking. I wanted to see a bit about valve mods for my 2240, but the one I tried to watch, the narrator had a heavy English accent that was a mumble and just over a whisper, I got nothing out of the video.

I am not complaining, I'm just suggesting if one is going to make a video (and thanks for the watchable videos with clear sounds!) pay attention to what they look like to someone that is new to the subject of the video. Some members may think I'm just a whiny old man, but I'm just asking anyone making a video, check the finished product like a new user would see it. Not meaning to offend anyone, just asking...

It ain't just airguns… I recently did some upgrades to my ATV and watched several videos. Some of them where completely laughable. But I must admit, I learned a heck of a lot more than I learned from the install instructions that came with the upgrades.

 I have found myself watching as many videos on the subject to sort everything out, ATVs, cars, tractors, and airguns. It might be a good idea for the GTA to start a post or several to guide people to the best videos for their guns ???
 IMO Hajimoto, and The Banker "AKA' the VSA ammo guy, has the best detailed videos out there.  8)

 Something like a sticky in the appropriate gate for that type and brand or country of origin. Keep post limited to a comment and the linked video. to keep the video content clear of off topic chatter or the like ???

What Back Roads said! Hajimoto's and Air Velocity Sports instructional videos are the best in this sport by far. Anyone attempting to do videos should watch these guys and take notes. Their style is concise and clear.

Hoosier Daddy:
"Gun Slicker" has some nice YT videos on the 2240.
 not sure if he is a GTA member.


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