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Getting a NSA .22 to open up better ... a LOT better !

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Love seeing these experiments and your experiences with them. I'd love to get my hands on one of his barrels eventually.

also noticed more energy with flat base slugs which i had attributed to it leaving more space in front of the bolt probe, that's prolly adding some pew

Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if any consistency could be gained using a single stage press. I'm thinking about a collet type die to hold the x bit and a modified flat top shell plate.

I see someone already mentioned something similar earlier in the thread. Should have looked over it before I posted.

I'm having no issue hand holding and a light tap tap tap.
keep bit vertical and don't get too aggressive ... practice makes perfect  :-*

Michael M.:

--- Quote from: TF89 on January 19, 2021, 01:32:23 PM ---Thanks for the clarification Scott.  Looking on the interwebs, PH3: 0.141 inches, PH2: 0.086 inches, PH1: 0.071 inches, PH0: 0.055 inches, PH00: 0.048 inches.  My little screwdriver set included two PH00 bits and apparently none of the PH0. 

The PH1 is slightly bigger, wonder what that will do regarding petal expansion, will they tear easier?  The expansion you are getting with the smaller bit is amazing and the petals are staying intact.  I don't typically have plastic milk jugs or pop bottles around to test with.   I'll have to keep my eye out for some test targets so I can answer that question.

--- End quote ---

Just thought this up so haven't had a chance to test it.  Idea:  put a baloon inside another and fill it with water.  Place 2 of them on the table if one isn't thick enough.


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