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Getting a NSA .22 to open up better ... a LOT better !

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More testing ...

Using the "0" size jewelers phillips it has thinner edges already and far more symmetrical than a reground #2 tip and self centers far better as well.
Same Tap tap tap with the light hammer has the X being IMO very consistent with some practice.

Todays test was using the .22 cal NSA in the 24.8 grain weight which has a known deeper HP pocket.  still keeping the X inside the meplat.
Test again into a water jug @ 20 yards shot at @ 940fps.  Unmodified slug passed right threw the jug  >:(  modified opened up to .460" being over DOUBLE the caliber diameter ... Wowzer  ;D

Scott S

Haven't posted over here on GTA in quite a while, but stumbled across this thread.

Just a suggestion for consistency, if you can get that size Phillip's bit in a long enough shank, you could turn it to the size of a de-capping pin and use it in a die on a reloading press. That way you can control the depth using the die. You can make a simple shell holder to center the slug.

It might be more than you want to mess with, but I figured I would throw it out there.


Interesting guess I be spending some time in the garage this weekend.

Thanks for posting this information Scott.

Last night I decided to give it a go and used a #2 bit and gave it a sharp edge and that worked well.  That was before I saw your post about the #0 Jeweler bit.  The real trick for consistency is definitely the #0 jeweler Philip bit.  The #0 only takes two taps and it is done, while the #2 took 3 taps and more finesse.  I did about 20 this AM with the jeweler bit and a piece of cardboard as the mat, took 35 seconds max.  These now remind me of the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme.

This is not extensive testing, just shot a 10 shot group with normal NSA and then 10 shot with the cross tip.  I'm using the NSA 17.5 .2165 @970 fps (I think, somewhere in that range) and could see no difference in group size @30 yards.  I have not stretched it out to past 50 yet, still see no reason why it would change.

Have not tested for expansion, really don't see the need as your results show quite clearly how effective the mod is.

To me this is fantastic as I really like the NSA due to cost, consistency and accuracy, yet never cared for the lack of expansion in .22 in feathers, at least for me that is.  People have talked about game changers, and for me, this is one heck of a game changer. 


Iím having some fun with this.  The bit Iím using is a 1/8th Philips bit, is that a # 0, no idea?  I started thinking if a cross stamp is good, what about two and getting more of a star pattern?   For giggles, I made some up, it took a couple of slugs before I started getting it right as you can see from the picture.  Do they shoot as accurate as the single cross stamp?  I donít know, yet.  It does look like the nose of the slug is more likely to get out of round, so perhaps accuracy is affected.  Really thinking to use at closer ranges anyway, they might open faster on smaller less dense targets.  That is the thought process behind it anyway.  The other down side is that the petals will most likely separate/shear at higher fps, not a good thing, unless the immediate goal is for fast expansion.

The real reason for doing this is because once I got started, just couldnít stop. :o  The picture shows, the single stamped cross and the and also the double stamped slugs and as already mentioned you will see my learning curve.  Included in the pic is the Philips bit Iím using.  The end results to the slug hp seems to look like what Scott is getting, yet, uncertain.


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