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Delta Stryker 5-50x56


Delta Stryker 5-50x56

Anyone using a Delta Stryker on a springer for field target?

Would love to hear your experience.
1. what mount are you using?
2. any temp shift?
3. how's range finding? repeatable?
4. Clicks? repeatable?
5. Clarity?
6. Warranty service? if you did sent it back (how fast was the service, cost?, issues?)

Thank you

I briefly had one and used it over a couple months. Mostly for shooting 50-55 yard groups.

I used March 1.100" rings. Yes, there were temp shifts. I had cold and warm ranges marked on the sidewheel, gaps were 1/4" to 3/8". Rangefinding very good when temp was stable. Clicks were solid and repeatable, glass was very clear. Reticle very fine, but only the center dot could be illuminated. 100 MOA elevation. No experience with warranty.


Johnny Piston. How's it going. We are waiting for you to return to CA.

Which sidewheel did you get?


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