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Hunting/Pest Elimination Videos - A Poll/Feedback post

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I loved your Gauntlet and Marauder instruction videos; a true reference standard for helpful informative airgun videos. Your videos shooting the dragonfly and the string in slow-motion were cool and entertaining. That being said, wizbang production values take so much extra time for setup and editing that people stop having fun and stop doing them. I'd rather see you do short, simple, helpful, or entertaining, videos, than burn-out doing epic sagas with multiple 4K camera angles and 3D dolby surround sound. Content is King. Thanks for doing what you've already done! As for future videos, do what you like to do. When people are doing things they like, the way they like to do it, it shows. Stick with that.

Video Duration:  5-10 minutes

Scope Cam:  yes, please

Camera Angles:  1 is sufficient for me

Narration:  Yes

Background Music: yes

Video Duration:  5-10 mins
Scope Cam:  Yes
Camera Angles:  At least 2 if possible
Narration:  Yes,
Background Music:  Yes, as long as it is just in the background. Music or not is fine though.


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