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Is it safe to hunt racoons in backyard

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Hello fellow shooters..quick question..I was wondering what are my chances of getting attacked by a raccoon if I shoot them in my backyard,lol???

Chris USA:
They will come at you if cornered. First, don't put yourself in a position/location where it can get you. Second, make sure it is dead before approaching and have another shot at the ready and/or, put another one in from a safe distance. Since they most always come out at night,... can you see it well enough for a clean and humane shot? If not, don't.

A coon is sizeable. Make sure you are using the right (enough) gun and place the shot well, preferably side head between ear and eye.

Ty very much for your shooting from 25 yards away at ground level from my not elevated.ive done this before in the past and always got lucky with no incidents.i have a few pics you can see in my media using a break barrel.benjamin trai np 2 in .22cal.about 1100 fps and between 17 and 19 foot pounds of muzzle energy..puts them right out..I was just wondering if one night would I be spontaneously attacked?lol,like if I missed etc....ty brother..

Chris USA:
 :D   I am sure there is no lack of surprise attack stories among the crowd here. So yes,.. in short,... there is always that chance. At which point,.. LOL becomes    :(

Be safe and have fun.

In my backyard I like to slow things down to no more than 750fps with .25 JSB 25gr.

It's quiet, hits hard and very limited pass through.


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