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Got an email from Pyramid asking me to buy the new RAW HM1000X


I'm glad you just got this rifle in and it looks nice for $1,899.95
But some of us ordered things almost two weeks ago and still haven't heard a peep. I know this situation is hard to work around, I get it. 
But how about Priorities?  Something my dad used to say is to make sure you take care of old business before you start new business.. 

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
LOL!  I received the same e-mail...  At least this is actually in stock!  I ended up cancelling the order I had placed for the new Hill Compressor because the ship date just kept slipping further and further away every couple of days...  I placed the order on March 7th, at that time it said it would ship the following week.  Here it is the end of April and the ship date shows May 4th...  No telling when it will actually be in stock.  I've given up on ordering anything from PA except pellets and I only order those if they are currently in stock!   :o

Thanks to being a member of this forum I stay up to date on a lot of deals and exciting airgun news, I unsubscribe from PA, I donít like my email being flooded.


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