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JSAR makes an announcement about the HAWK

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As most of you know, the HAWK had some barrel issues which were not at all on par to the mock up units that the factory made during prototyping. My video and other owners demonstrated that these barrels had some issues which greatly affected accuracy and consistent delivery of projectiles on target.

Today my HAWK review video received an official JSAR comment that I want to share with all here:

You can go to my video review if you want to make are comments to their comment (keep it clean and me positive).

Here is a screen grab of their comment:

Here is my video review if you would like to make a comment.


Haj both of my Xisico Sentry's have really good unchoked barrels that came with them, I'm getting really good accuracy from both of them, they're unchoked.  From what I hear though some of the Sentry's did have bad barrels on them.  I never really knew what kind of barrels that the Hawke came with, if it was the Chinese barrels then I can see how people might have had bad barrels.

JSAR should definately get the quality they expect i am glad they are on top of this and a bit sad that Xisico couldn't meet that, hopefully they are going out of they way to make it right for JSAR

i must speak highly of Mike at Flying Dragon for having the patience to go over each and every Sentry before its sold, i believe he takes them all apart and re-assembles them as well as test for accuracy, having him tune it gives you a great warranty

JSAR should not have to do that, this is a custom order with multiple design changes, that should be done as requested, i hope it was Xisico that sourced the replacements for them, it would seem the logistics of shipping just barrels out of mainland is a hassle, so maybe Arrowy Flier? LW? can't wait to see how this worked out

All I can tell you is that the Hawk I got back with the 177 LW barrel upgrade is lights out
Added the flex reg and it if my most accurate rifle across all JSB weight range
Thanh you JSAR for asking
Me to
Send # 1 hawk home for work That was badly needed
I plan to shoot this HAwk in speed compilation in Utah

I really have to wonder if having the weight of he chrony on the end of the barrel is messing with the harmonics of the barrel.It also looks like it is sometimes touching the bottle which could really mess with harmonics. If the flyer would go away the H&N slugs are fantastic. have you tried turning up the power with the slugs?


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