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Inside an Air Javelin

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Got an Air Javelin the other day. Umarex shipped it quick and i got it in less than 3 days.

upon arrival. it is super light! the unit without Co2 cartridge weight in at 1671 grams.

I opened her up and this is what the inside looks like after unscrewing all screws on the right side of the rifle.

The valve unit looks like a one piece pcp valve that has a small plenum. i havent been able to get the valve apart but its nothing but pins on the sides. i may need a screw to pull the plugs. I lined them up with an hpa bottle to prep and see if fitting one would be feasible. 13ci bottles may be best given it has smaller OD.

now that i got to see the insides, $169 is doable and priced right...$100 would be a Great deal and $200 would be too high.

the synthetic two pieces are flimsy and can flex side ways with just a bit of force, it is semi firm and flex little when forcing up or down.

Trigger is horrible, long pull and lets go at the very end of trigger travel. this is because the sear is not anchored via a one solid hole but the whole sear can move out from the trigger shoe due to an elongated anchored hole. stupid! it would have a better break if its a round hole. is this one of the safety features? then why have a safety trigger pin?

Shot one dozen today. the speed is 267fps max for the included 169grains on first shot. not as advertised at 300fps.

then it averaged out at 230fps...

man oh man. i am not excited about that. but then again...i am not one to complain for a refund. i will just mod it later for 800psi hpa.

Rob M:
very similar design to many paintball guns ive dissected and modified.. not much going on in there as its consolidated in the valve casting.. I do think regged 850 hpa will get your numbers up there..  thanks for sharing the pics.also looks easy to swap out the hammer spring , or add a power adjust of some sort ( spacers and the like)
id does appear like the molding is inhibiting the hammer travel , not sure if thats true in real life , but id test that theory in real life and make sure than hammer can really smash that valve stem home to get the max potenial.. efficiency should not even be considered for this design

before the 12 shots, i put a 1/2 inch thick spacer in the back of that hammer spring. its smacking the valve pretty hard. going hpa will make it consistent and up the power some. seems the valve can be modded too if once i have some time to get into it.

Looking good for hpa conversation Duy.
What is the barrel OD & ID and length? I may convert my Arrow Prod to that barrel & bolt combo.
Thanks 😊.


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