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Best tips for wearing the Open Class harness?


Howdy, all.

I now have an Open Class harness, thanks to the kindness of THE Vince Pacheco, and am curious to hear how to get the most steadiness from it.
How are you guys locating the backrest on your back -- up close to the shoulders, mid-back or down at the waist?
Do we want the leg straps (running from backrest to lower legs) to be almost parallel to the ground or lower toward the ankles?
I have seen some folks wearing these and bringing their ankles close together, but surely it would be stronger to space your feet further apart?

What have you done to optimize use of this device?
Many thanks,

Be reincarnated as a women, seriously they have a unique ability to get there knees apart and splay there feet outward making a tripod between there butt & 2 opposed feet.  Ok unrealistic  :'(

If the back strap in high and under your shoulder blades your going to slump and your lower back will SCREAM !!  Found when back strap is above hips and in the small of your back has support more comfortable and you can relax as if in a chair.
The leg straps ( pending how you lower legs get positioned ) generally in the upper 1/3 of lower leg ( Just under knee to shy of mid thigh )

Ideally you want to pay attention to your center of mass on your bumm bag and not start leaning as to have all the pressure on one butt cheek / bone about to fall over.

Play with position holding your gun WITHOUT A SCOPE ATTACHED and figure out where gun needs to be to get a stable and semi-centered position over your bag.
That done, address scope rings  & mounting of optics to allow the position and a good eye relief.

JMO ....


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