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CBR trigger for Crosman/Remington NPSS guns and more

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I get a lot of e-mails (trying to reduce my e-mail load)  :) :) from many of our members regarding/requesting information for the Crosman and Remington NPSS guns and asking if there is a trigger available for those guns. 

The answer is yes and all of the information is available on the website. ;) ;)  The CBR trigger blade is the solution for those guns and greatly improves the trigger pull length and pull weight. The CBR trigger also applies to the Remington Genesis and Remington Legacy springers that has the plastic trigger as well as some of the late model Phantoms..  ;D

 Clicking the website link below should answer any questions that you may have regarding the CRB trigger blade and provides the CBR trigger gun applications as well as other information.

Thanks all


Got your trigger for my All Weather .22 and love it.  Thanks Rickey

One of CDT's latest trigger for the Remington and Crosman NPSS Gas Rams is the CBR trigger. This trigger I cannot say enough good about. It definetly has that two stage feel and a crispy break. I have intsalled it in both my NPSS gas rams and am as happy as a pig in dung over the results.

Check it out:

Excellent trigger Bob!  I didn't know $29 could make that much difference.

I'll throw my hat in this ring as well.  I installed one of these in my camo Remington NPSS, and it made a world of difference.  Every air rifle I own that can fit it has a Tuna trigger in it!


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