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My apologies GTA family

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I've been knee deep in a honey do list that's way to long lol and some major house remodeling as well and other then taking the evenings to keep sharp with punching paper been busting bottom to get all done and give me some summer to get the hunt mojo on. Miss all and need to strap on the hunt bag and just get away and drag something back to the hunt gate...hang tough as I would rather be hiding out in the sticks stalking critters then picking out different colors for each room of a house lol... I suggested just camo it all. Ed

Good to see you Bro Ed! Was time for the flaming nutter  ;D

Good to see ya Ed and ya gotta do what ya gotta do !!!

Awww c'mon brother Ed,
Who are you trying to kid ?

We all know you'd rather be deciding which flower pattern material for new curtains and picking out what towel bar will look best with the fuscia colored walls in the bathroom.

Pellet Fun:
I've missed you and have been checking your gate. Glad you're up and running.


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