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Lumber jacking

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Yup brothers been on a firewood hunting spree for a good spell since a buddy and me got a free pass on an acer of land with prime fallen timber. I couldn't pass up this freebee and have been cutting hauling and splitting wood then stockpiling to keep me warm for several winters and as they say got to keep the home fires burning and put a big cut in the heating bill alone.

I haven't forgot my hunting and pest control duties and the piece of mind it brings me and took some time to just get out and away and hang in the hide for a few bone chilling nights but as always loved every teeth chattering moment of it and came away with some good harvest.
Things have settled down and great walls of wood stacked so again I can focus on getting after critters which have had a good break from Shadow hehe. Ed

Great hunt Bro Ed! ( I was getting ready to sent up a flaming nutter alert for ya  :D )

Thanks brother and the ole flaming nutter lol. Ed

Nice shot placement well done

When it comes down to the homefires burning and some pest eradication, the fire takes precedence for sure! Nice bandit though in the end! A warm body and a warm skin for the curing board is a great way to live!


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