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Lil morning hopper

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Well the nightly raids and raiders have slowed down guess the word is out hehe and last night was no different other then a very young C-rat passing through in the wee hours of the morning which I gave a pass too.

After a long night in the hide I thought I would wait for first light to head out and maybe catch a nutter waking early to greet the day and with nothing moving about in the trees other then a steady drizzle I decided to do one tour around the main game trail just to stretch the legs and the B26 still had a itch to scratch lol.

I made my way along the trail at a snails pace just taking a few steps and snuggling up next to trees to do some scanning for anything then move along further down the trail working my way towards the main creek which had smaller finger creeks or runoffs that had trails along them as well.

I had just made it to one of the runnoffs and was giving the small game trails that rain right next to it a good look when I spotted a set of ears in the clumps of high grass and knowing what those ears belonged to slowly moved past the trail as if I didnt notice them and slid up behind a tree and worked my head around the side just enough to get a eyeball view yup still there.

With the B26.177 ready and myself as well I slowly moved out from behind the tree raising the shooter sloqly at the same time until I had it shouldered and a good view through the glass and with the bunny presenting a sideprofile I eased the crosshairs down till I had em locked on the fusebox sweetspot then let a CPHP loose.

The lead found it's mark and the bunny performed one good leap forward and right onto it's side and other then several kicks it was over. I had figured the bunny was within 20yrds so no need for any holdover and after hitting it with the rangefinder the shot came to 17yrds and I had my first rabbit of the year and season :D.

The night wasn't a total bust but never is even if I come home empty handed cause time out in Ma Nature is always time well spent and this time I had a rabbit to take back and I could taste the future meal already as I thought of ways to prepare it oh heck just gonna fry it up with some good homemade batter and toss some veggies on the side.

Now we just need to add a nutter to the mix since I've had all else in the game bag other then I G-hog for the year :( but still may have time for that as well before they go under for the year. Ed

Some nice bunny meat there Bro Ed! Sure sounds good

Great shot and a great looking rabbit....the air rifle too.

Great shooting Ed !!!

Thanks brothers ;) and things are looking solid critter harvesting wise nabbed several nutters this morning despite this liquid sunshine hanging around >:(. Ed


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