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Building a WFTF Marauder Rig

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I have tried many times over the years to build a WFTF Marauder rig, only to lose interest and move on... the sweltering Alabama heat has the effect on me.  Last year, I bought my 4th and final Gen 1 Marauder, a January 2010 built Marauder with "Made in the USA" proudly screen printed on the receiver.  I started out simply to add the BStaley mod, and to tune the rifle down to sub 12ft lbs... but once I started down the modification/upgrade road, there was just no turning back, I became committed.

As it sits right now, I have the following mods on my Gen 1:

1.  Mountain Air Lothar Walther barrel in .177

2.  Huma regulator set to sub 12

3. 14oz light hammer

4.  Polished everything I could for smooth operation

5.  Rapid Air Weapons aluminum trigger blade

6.  Polished all trigger components, modified the "Lawyer Spring" for lightening trigger

7.  Although not really a mod, the Marauder has a completely fresh reseal job

8.  Hill 19.875" Short barrel shroud - for a more carbine look.  Fits (2) Gen2 baffles and spring nicely; not overly loud

9.  The most current additional mod is a stock mod

I contacted a number of stock builders here stateside, and short of offering a "sporter style" stock for the Gen 1 Marauder, no one was willing to create a FT stock for one.  I contemplated a bull pup style of stock for a short period, but decided better against based of responses to a post on this forum.  I did get one offer from an up and coming stock builder to custom build a FT stock for me, but he worked more towards steering me to one of his sporter stocks instead...  Not be defeated, I reached out across "the big pond" to Gary Cane Stocks in the United Kingdom...  40 plus emails later, I placed a very expensive order for a custom stock... like I say, once started down this road, I was committed.  No details yet on the stock mod, as it will not go into production until September.  Just this past Saturday (July 21, 2018) I shipped them the best Marauder example stock I had (Best of 3) for them to use as a master...

10.  Last mod which will be in the future, like when I get this stock paid for, is a scope mod.  I will probably go with a Sightron III FT scope.  Currently I have an AEON 8-40X50 (w/ FT reticle) that I picked up from Hector Medina.

The rifle is shootable now, but I do not anticipate the rig to be truly ready till November or early December, which is when I expect the stock to be stateside.

Sounds like a KILLER set up and should do you proud once finished.

Oh I hope so, as I am looking forward to getting back to field target by the end of the year or start of next year!

Yes, please keep us posted on your progress.  Can't wait to see it.  Besides the stock, have you been shooting the rest of it any?  Just tried a few rounds out of curiosity?


--- Quote from: Tonykarter on July 24, 2018, 10:20:20 PM ---Yes, please keep us posted on your progress.  Can't wait to see it.  Besides the stock, have you been shooting the rest of it any?  Just tried a few rounds out of curiosity?

--- End quote ---

When I purchased this rifle, it came with 2 stocks; the original, and a modified stock.  The modified stock had some grip work done, and then was bedliner coated.  The modified stock is what I have the rifle in right now.  It is perfect for Hunter FT, which is what I can shoot in the short term.  Right now I am trying to get used to the Aeon scope that I purchased from Hector Medina.  The reticle on that scope is different from any other typical reticle.  On paper the rifle is pretty accurate, mainly with JSB 8.44's.  But I still manage to get the occasional flier.  I have quite an assortment of pellets to work through to narrow down what the rifle likes best.


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