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.32 cal MRod work

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Thanks to Lloyd-ss and Rocker1 I'm doing my first custom one off build.
Now Lloyd sent me a hulk of a .32 barrel! I'm talking you could beat Superman to death with this thing!
Rocker1? Well he sold me a really nice lathe with some cool stuff to go with it!
1st thing I needed to do was take some metal off the barrel. Some metal don't even come close to what has to go!
That would be like saying I need to remove some stuff to make a BattleShip into a row boat!
I did take a few pics that I'll up load later but I have an old friend coming over to give me some advice on what to do as I'm out of practice with lathes.

Need to take a few parts for the lathe in to town and get some stuff.
Barrel wobbles a bit as is so need to correct for that.
Not that I'm worried about what it looks like. I want it heavy and have no plans to try to quite it down.
I actually want it kind of ugly.

Jeff I'm sure that when you're done with this gun it'll be way cool, can't wait to see the finished product 8)

You can see what the breech end looked like to start.

And what I'm still cutting it down to.

I need to get a consistent diameter so it passes through the lathe for further work.
Down fall of a small lathe I guess. Rocker is lucky he suckered me into this lathe before he shoots me!

Same Lathe I have. I did a .357 barrel just like this. It took so long (couple nights) to get it to .505". Told myself I will never do that again. Good luck and can't wait to see the results.


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