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--- Quote from: Novagun on June 13, 2021, 06:14:09 AM ---
Still having trouble. This computer is just plain cantankerous. I emailed a photo from my cell phone to the computer. That worked. Then I downloaded and saved the photo and put the photo in a folder in the documents part. That worked. When I tried to attach the photo to a GTA reply it said the attachment was to big or took too long to load. Tomorrow is another day.

--- End quote ---
Hugh, as you have read from all these posts, there are multiple ways to upload a picture onto a GTA post. It can be very difficult if you are not technologically savvy.
I would say the best way to learn is hands-on. If you can get a technologically savvy individual (typically a young person) that can show this to you, it'll be significantly easier. Once you see it done, it will much, much clearer than trying to decipher word instructions.
Also, nearly every phone and computer software is set up slightly different, so it's unlikely anyone can give you the exact step by step instructions. You being from NZ, chances are your software is going to be slightly different from those of us from the USA.


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