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Soft rifle cases to fit Field Target rifle with scope and wheel?

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Anyone found a specific make and model of soft rifle case that will accommodate an HFT rifle with big scope and side wheel?
Seems like a typical soft rifle case for "rifle with scope" will barely fit.
46-inch length seems to be plenty, but the typical 11-inch depth just won't cut it.
Many of the online sales sites do not include actual interior dimensions for the cases.

My Armada fits in my Bulldog 49" tactical case with scope and side wheel. Not a lot of room left over but it does fit. I'll measure when I get home but I believe it's 12" or 13" tall.

I got one of these in 45x16
and it easily fits my BSA Scorpion SE with Viper 4-16x50(same scope as on the rig in my avatar which also fits in no prob)
with 6in side-wheel attached which makes for a very tall rig but it fits now problem and I have
enough spare room I would go with the 13in in retrospect but the build is good and the pockets on the side a really handy
for fill probes, notes, pellets, mags, etc.

Thanks, gentlemen!
Those look good.

Sorry. Forgot to post last night. The Bulldog case is 13" tall. Works fine with my Armada. Nice case with storage compartments. I have a few of them.


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