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Adjustable Hamster other than Rowan?

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I'm looking for some kind of hamster to fit my new CZ200S Green rifle.  The "regular" hamsters that Rowan offers won't fit because the under rail doesn't come back far enough and the small amount of wood stock between the rail and the trigger guard is too short for drilling holes and attaching that way.  (It seems this new "Green" model is quite different regarding the stock than other 200 models.)

Rowan has a pretty fancy adjustable hamster ( which I THINK would work but it's REAL EXPENSIVE (about 360 Euros with the palm shelf added).

Do any of you know of other options for hamsters?  I think that ideally I'd like something that I wouldn't have to drill a hole into the stock to fit and that it should slide into the under rail and angle backwards towards the trigger guard.  Here's what the underneath looks like:

Thanks for any suggestions...

I have one of Rowan's hamsters on my Air Arms S400 MPR FT and really love it.

there are two others that I can think of at the moment, first off is the mac1 USFT palm rest :

Its currently on sale for $150 depending on the options you get.(a good options and if it stays on sale long enough I'm hoping to get one)

The other is a similar design made RAW(rapid air weapons) currently on sale for $200:

Both companies are known to make top notch guns and equipment and both options should fit the rail on your rifle.

Thank you, Joe!

I like the looks of the RAW unit and the pricing is much better than the Rowan.  I was just about to place my order but then saw they wanted THREE TIMES THE PRICE of shipping by MAIL to Canada as Rowan would charge for a larger and heavier unit, coming from a lot further (overseas) away.  Made me feel somewhat ripped off so I delayed on placing the order.  I'll see if any other options turn up.

Ended up ordering the Rapid Air Weapons hamster...  I called them to question the (what I thought was exorbitant) MAIL shipping cost, and they reduced it from US$66 to US$24.50.  Still more than Rowan charges for shipping a larger and heavier item from England, but much more reasonable.

Glad they were able to work with you  :)

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on it, and would be curious to here how you decided between it and the mac1 hamster?


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