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Adding "GUN VS MODE" to the target match here?

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I used to live in Colorado Springs, and belonged to the shooting club at the Olympic Training Center.

I got to meet and shoot with many very fine shooters who were always ready to help and share their knowledge.

The 853 will shoot better than the 880, as it has a Lothar Walther barrel on it. And it's a entry level 10 meter match gun.

I have cleaned and resealed guns for the local ROTC unit, and had them chrono with an extreme spread of only 4 or 5 fps across the 10 shot string.

On the 853 you can drop a trigger from a 888 in it, and improve it greatly.

Or you can modified it your self if you are mechanically inclined.

See the link below.

Ian:  Thanks a lot for your hint.  I have done the mod (both reduce sear height and pilkgun mod) and flip the 853 inside out several times.   ;D


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