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272 FPE in a plastic grocery bag

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         (A long post, I got into it  :P  )
I posted some pics the other day in the Pellet Review gate, shooting 22 cal pellets into plastic grocery bags inside a piece of 2" PVC pipe.  You can recover the pellets pretty much undamaged for testing.
Nathan  HNT5 asked how many more bags and pipe length it might take to capture higher powered pellets.

I've got the sickness, just like so many of you poor souls out there, so, of course,  I had to find out.  Was there another option? I don't think so.

I have a 28" 9mm barrel I've been working with, lapping the rifling, doing some power mods, plus added a shroud.  It's the one I blew the end cap off of in the Shoptalk and Mods gate ("Next time, a sturdier shroud end cap").  I've since then fixed it.

I've got some 200 gn bullets I've been trying.  I pulled the copper gas checks off the bottom and the bullet weighed 196 gn. I am getting decent power, and right before I tried this test, I did a shot at 2561 PSI and got 791 fps which is 272 FPE.

I have to say that the setup was a major pain.  I took a 4 foot long piece of 3" PVC pipe and stuffed lightly wadded plastic grocery bags, 2 bags in each wad.  13 wads filled the pipe.  I taped and tied the pipe in place in front of the muzzle, and left an air gap between the muzzle and pipe.  I taped a 1" wood dowel on top of the pipe so that I could get the alignment right.  Experience has shown that if the bullet hits the inside of the pipe, it will take off like a ruptured rubber duck right out the other end.  Alignment is critical.  I braced a thick poplar board over the far end, just in case.

I set the gun up to get another 272 or so FPE shot.  The pictures pretty much tell the story.

Bottom line is, plastic grocery bags work pretty good for retrieving bullets for examination.

A side view of the setup with everything tied and taped down. 

Sand bag and rope securing the PVC in front of the muzzle.

A view for the left handed shooter.

A view for the right handed shooter.

Ready to fire.

Blasted a few of the bags back out of the pipe.

Carefully pushed the plastic bags out of the tube to disturb them as little as possible, even though they were pretty dead.

By putting the bags in in separate wads you can find the bullet pretty easily.  The little pigtails showed the bullet passed thru pretty quickly.

This bag is all stretched out like a bad hernia.  The bullet is in there.

A little ripping of the plastic......Ta - Dahhhhh.

Here it is, pretty much unscathed.  This barrel has very shallow rifling, in need of polishing, and if you zoom in you should be able to see the rifling witness marks.  You can also see from the rub marks that the nose of the bullet is slightly off center from the main diameter of the the bullet.

 Fantastic slightly historical post Lloyd, kudos to you.
 Fellas.. all make sure to take a gander at Lloyds amazing airmachine, your about the first to see that one and i'll bet most of us will never see it again. 270+ftlbs out of your creation, is very impressive in itself Lloyd and even if your experiments are a little scary ;D i sure like hearing about your newest and latest. Once this post makes it's way down the 1st page i'll move it with your permission to bigbore gate where we can hold onto it a bit longer ;)  J

This thing has had many pounds of lead thru it in .25 to .510.  Yes, we'll have to pick it up on the big bore gate.

Thats pretty nice setup you have. Like the shop. Cool experiment also. I would have never thought those plastic bags could stop that much force.

I like it. Not nearly as expensive as ballistics gel, and you are recycling. 


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