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A New Method for Increasing the Efficiency of a PCP - the SSG

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And some trimming needs to happen - no piercing of the air cartridge...

Finally got back to this.

I cut 1/2 coil off and round count went from "some" to "I lost count after 50"  Good enough for me.

I did figure out I have a bent barrel though so that was fun.

This just in - Don't try this, waste of time, effort and energy.

I'm gonna disagree...respectfully. ;) Almost a standard piece of any build or re-build now...pretty much a "must have" with a balanced valve too.


Alternatively one could build around hammer bounce and have the gun cock itself after each trigger pull or become a semi auto action (marauder semi auto uses hammer bounce to provide semi auto function)

Either way when done correctly I must agree with Gipetto, the SSG is a must in any build that is not using hammerless or hammer bounce semi auto functions


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