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Next time, a sturdier shroud end cap

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I was trying to max out some velocities and ended blowing the end cap out of my shroud.  I remember arguing with myself about whether it really needed a 4th screw.  I guess it did.  :-[ 

This last pic shows the path the endcap took across the chrony and into the bullet trap 20 feet away.   :o
The bullet passed cleanly through the cap, the air just blew it out.

Wow Lloyd what kind of velocities you shootin bro...:)  I want to come visit you and your shop...:) Lots of neat stuff in there..:)

I'm always ready for airgun visitors!
The shot that did it was  9mm, 145 gn, 951 fps, 2650psi.  That's certainly not the first time I sent something inappropriate across the chrony.

Wow....and that was a nice looking shroud too.

You shroud a done it!

I couldn't help it.....hehehehe!


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