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Pretty sure it was Flying Dragon I got the new Breech seal from for my RWS 320M .177cal? Shoots well beyond that. Hard to find any info left on these guns on old forums and such. Many links no longer function to any info that was available. Copies of the Weirauch HW 90-95, true. But was told they aren't exactly alike internally. Like the breech seal I bought. a bit different size.

Hi Brutuz,

Don't know if you're still around, I just wanted to let you know about the Xisico XSP180 break-barrel pistol. I found out it's a close copy of a Diana 5G-TM pistol (with safety). IIRC it's not mentionned in your nonetheless very complete clone list (BTW, big thanks for that!). HTH.

All the best,


I've got one of these 180's myself, haven't been able to edit the site, it's a bit dead.... I'll update that page shortly

old: XISICO XSP180 = Zhejiang Xinhua XTS5

new: XISICO XSP180 = Zhejiang Xinhua XTS5, Diana 5G-TM, SMK25

Thanks Francois

I ordered a box of the XSP 120D's from Mike last year, I've got to start resealing these guns and I figured I'd ask around if anyone knows the o rings that are involved in resealing these guns, if not I'll start to measuring them and figure out just what I need for 10 sets for resealing these guns.  The worse part about these guns is the assembly pins have a tendency to creep in/out when shooting, I might use something to try keeping them
from creeping like they do before I get rid of them.  They really are a lot of fun to plink with in either caliber too because they come with both .177&.22 barrels 8)

I posted the oring list for the P17 on GTA a couple of years ago.
I will try to find it and post it here for you.

Found it.  Go to:

This is a copy of the list:
I plan to mail 2 or 3 sets of P17 o-rings to people who will donate $5 or $10 to GTA.
To get your P17 o-ring sets:
1. Send an email to with your name and address and tell me if you want 2 sets or 3 sets.
2. Put "Beeman P17 o-rings" in the subject of the email.
3. When you get your o-rings in the mail, donate $5 or $10 to GTA using the DONATION button at the top of this page.  The DONATION button is highlighted in yellow.

Each set of P17 o-rings includes 8 o-rings:
1 ea.  AS568-006 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring    Valve 006
2 ea.  AS568-008 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring    Valve and breech 008
1 ea.  2.5mm X 20mm (NBR) Buna-N 70 Duro Metric O-Ring    original piston seal
The above 4 o-rings should be all you need, but I am including the next 4 because some people use them.
2 ea.  AS568-009 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring    Valve and breech 009
1 ea.  AS568-116 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring    piston 116
1 ea.  AS568-117 B70 (NBR) Buna-N Nitrile 70 Duro O-Ring    piston 117

Instructions for P17 o-ring replacement from 45Bravo:
Take a look at ( I included the link to Part 5 which has links to Parts 1 thru 4 - Parts 1 & 2 are on re-sealing )
Part 1 tells how to replace the piston o-ring which is pretty easy.
Part 2 tells how to replace the 2 valve o-rings and is more difficult.
The breech seal is in full view when you open the P17 to load it.
If there is an easier way to replace the 2 valve o-rings please post the instructions with pictures.

I ordered 100 sets from The O-Ring Store and I plan to give 90 sets away.


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