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Chinese Airgun Portal

I've made this portal since I'm interested in Chinese rifles, hope those interested in them too will like it and hope it will be of use.

Also promoted the GTA after consulting Bob and Gene first and showing them the new portal, hope it will drive new members towards the GTA.

If there's anything missing or wrong please send me a PM, thanks  8)


Edited by CDT...12/19/10... this will be stickied so members interested in the Chinese guns can view it before it gets dropped down very far and lost. Bert has put a lot of effert and time into his website and the link above is significant to persons interested in the Chinese guns. His link will also be in the library.

I looked at the website and there is a lot of really good info there for those wanting info on the Chinese guns.  ;) ;)  Best I've seen. 8) 8) Bert put a lot of work into it.

I like it !!!!!

Thats great  I am serious this should  be in our library I have bookmarked it , thanks Brutuz, David

Good point Dave and I think it should be there also. Gene... let's make it so.


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