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Gamo V3 co2 bb 1911 clone.


The other day from Gamo got a Gamo C15 Bone Collector, PT80 Dark LtD. and a PT80 Desert Attact and described them on page 908 in the " Ordered and received to feed the beast" thread.

Today Off Ebay I got a Gamo V3 1911 clone co2 BB. Neat gun, I like it. Came with the original box paper work and spare seal. Plastic slide, frame, trigger and  1911 like safety lever.  Double action only. Hammer metal with no spur. A little over a pound loaded with co2 and bb's. Slide only moves about one inch while pulling the trigger, no blow back. Says 400 fps. Trigger pull heavy but not bad. White dot sights, adjustable for windage rear. Barrel seems to be lightly rifled.

Mag holds gas and 15 BB's. BB forwarder locks open, magnet in top. Mag plastic with metal gas valve in top of mag.

Interesting little tid bit I've never seen. On the top back of mag is a spring loaded square piece that slides up to cover striker on the back of the valve when mag is out of the gun. Insert the mag and I guess something inside pushes it down to expose the striker to the hammer.

My mistake: V3 slide is metal.


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