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Diana 48 vs 52 Question

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Photos below arenít my gun. Someone posted them next door but he called it a Model 48. To my knowledge the smooth stocks were the 48 and the longer checkered stocks with raised cheek piece were the 52. Told him Iíd ask over here so someone please correct me if Iím wrong. Manufacture date of 12/92. Steel safety and stamped 48/52. Thanks.

You are not wrong.

Thank you, sir.

That would be a model 48/52.  Yes, that really was the model number.  It would have a T01 trigger with a plastic blade and the curled safety.  Later Diana produced the 48 as the plain version and the 52 was a bit fancier.

Roadworthy, I know they stamped the earlier guns with the 48/52. But didnít they still come with two different stocks. One shorter and smooth and one longer and checkered?


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