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I got something a bit out of the ordinary today,, a Diana Octoberfest.  A rather strange looking BB gun, it has a large lever much  like  the bolt on a bolt action rifle, and it functions much the same.  Point the gun up, rotate the lever 90 degrees up, pull back to cock, then close the opposite way.  It has a full wood stock and a tubular magazine that holds 100-120 BB's.  Sights are not the greatest, but adjustable, and trigger not what we normally expect  It was designed off one of their "gallery" rifles and intended for very short range around 5 meters. the manual says muzzle velocity is 525fps.  I received it rather late and only had time for a few shots as light was waning, but it was fun cycling the bolt/lever and shooting rather fast as compared to our slow single shots which lend themselves to more precision,  Just a fun gun for some close range plinking    Pyramid has them for $169 so not a bad deal for some fun.   I'm counting on some fun next week with myy grandson, he can shoot his Daisy repeater and I will be there with this.

I came in a hair of ordering one myself.

If pyramid is selling them for 170, might mean they'll be obtainable significantly lower elsewhere. Never seen Pyramid as having great prices, especially with their discount coupon games.

Always thought the mechanism on those was pretty cool!

Disappointing to see its 'made in china'. Guess that means this should be in the chinese forum, not here.

Check out the comments in this, specifically the comment by "CptKlotz ". Apparently this made be the third iteration, and discusses potential complaints and unhappiness with the earlier versions in germany. I'd like to see those discussions and pictures etc first hand though. :

Found the thread... 179 pages and you'll need google translate for german to english.

Posts like this unfortunately will keep me away from what originally (as a German made gun) seemed very unique.

V1: year of construction roughly 2018, soft cucumber shaft
V2: year of construction 2019, shaft with more visible grain made of harder wood.

Technically, these versions are the same.

V3?: currently purchasable series. First visible changes according to the pictures: Visible additional cross pin in the piston head piece, additional embossing in the clamping rail to make it more stable against kinks.
According to an outpost, no more spring scraping and softer impact of the piston on the piston crown (straight spring? thicker piston seal?).
We won't know more details until someone disassembles his new one...

I had to check my eyesight after reading the OP - 169 USD for a German-made gun that I've seen retailing for 2.5 times that.

I hadn't followed this novelty item close enough to know about the Chinese angle. Learn something everyday.


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