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Hey Guys,
Got tired of waiting for my HW35E from Krale (it'd been 2+ months), so I changed my order to the newly offered HW80SL (lexus stock).
I'm trying a .177 caliber because I already have a (Beeman) .22 carbine barrel laying around w/OEM muzzle brake.
I previously owned a beautiful, Beeman R1 in .177 caliber, but it couldn't come close to matching the long range accuracy of my .20 caliber HW80S.

If .177 or .22 calibers don't work out, I may try a HW98 or HW95 carbine barrel from Chambers in .20.

Unlike some folks, I really prefer the new Lexus stock vs. any other stock made except the Beeman "Goudy" version.

After making sure the HW80SL has no (un-fixable) issues, it goes to the bench for a full tune ................


Mark 611:
Kirk, that's still a nice rifle! let me know how you like it! 8)

Congratulations. I like the new stock design as well. In fact I always considered getting a 22 caliber Hw80 from Krale but hated the abbreviated standard stock so much I never bought one. Since then I accuired a Goudy stocked 177 R1. I've shot and tuned a few 177 R1s but didn't like the shot cycle unless you ran original power or less. I've since run a 20 and 22 caliber barrel on mine. I like it in both calibers but I keep it 22 for economical use.
I know you are like me and will tinker with it as soon as you feel it buzzzz. I'm sure you're gonna have a blast playing with it.


Please let us know how the stock comb works with the open sights. Some of the combs on the newer Weihrauch stocks are too high for many people to comfortably use the irons.
Be well

Yeah Mark,
We'll see how it goes :D.
Hopefully, the Lexus stock isn't as thick or robust as the Older HW80S stock.  I thought someone said in a review, the Lexus stock was narrower in the butt and pistol grip....
That said, for all it's Hulk-ness, (IMO) the HW80S, HW80SL and Beeman R1 represents the best mechanical execution Weihrauch ever made.  My HW80S breaks, cocks and locks up like a subtle dream.

Also, I've got all the ARH springs/buttons/Australian seals for an easy tune ;).


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