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New BSA Meteor Super

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I see AOA has this in 177 and 22. Itís a gas ram and looks really nice. Anyone know more about them?

177 says 1000 FPS, ok, but the 22 says 12 fpe. Not sure they have the numbers right.
They donít use the word Magnum. Are the triggers any good?

It's sporting fiber optic sights and badging that is laser etched...etc.

That's not my style.

Yeah, I am curious too. AOA's ad state's "barrel along with the entire BSA Meteor Super are proudly Made in England". UK quality with a hammer forged barrel has my attention. A quality trigger with a metal blade might be enough for me to bite. But all I see on the .net is an older vintage model with a similar name. At $450 I would like to see a hands on review before I try it out. 

I am interested for sure, I would like to hear more about them.

The new Super Meteor barrel pivot looks well improved over the Supersport/Lightning SE.


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