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   Today i recieved my new Ruger Air Magnum from PA. I paid for the 10 for 10 and the first 2 shots registered 27 ftlbs. The remaining 8 had 24 FPE. These were with 11.9gr Hobby.
  Unboxing and insepction everything looked good. Feels a hairball lighter than the H125 .25
Being a bit too loud and powerful to be backyard friendly i got on the ATV and head west .75mile to the end of Chevak hill. Not far from the floodline marked by piles of driftwood brought in by Merbok, is an area id come to shoot my breakbarrels to break in and sight in plastic ironsights and scopes. I have 2 small piles of wood nearby.
Being new and needing some break in, i took CPHP 14.3gr and HNB18s. Barrel lockup is Very Strong, takes a good bang to the stock to open the barrel. Its sure to ease up with use. Cocking feels nearly as heavy as the H125, it is a Magnum so that is to be expected. Now for the first shots with the Plastic open sights, around 15 yards to get this RAM sighted in.  I havent run numbers through CG to figure out where i want it to hit and rehit but 15 is a good guess to rehit around 30 35yd. Once i shoot this enough ill figure what distance ill want sight in.. for now keep it at 15. For now the RAM will remain unscoped until maybe 200 shots have passed through. From looking at the rail and the open sights, it appears i would need a Drooper scopemount. The Picatinny rail points higher than the POA.. i may try Shimming but may have to find a DrooperMount.
   The Trigger. Comes to a wall, the2nd stage, then you pass it and have to pull further.. Light but Long 2nd Stage trigger. Shot Cycle is good, i expected more vibration but its not bad. Shot Cycle will smoothout with use. 
  After getting sight in at 15 i moved back to 30yards. . With the U SMElite .22 and the HEdge .22,  30yard shots with open sights or scope are made with ease. I made a few hits on a can at 30. I also pulled a couple shots to the left and the right from the long pull. Still learning the trigger, i learned to get one movement past the wall, the next move will set off the AG. With enough shots i can get that trigger figured out. I put around 50 shots through. As i was about done shooting, 2 guys on an ATV showed up. Both had .177 BreakBarrelAirguns. The young boy had a Gamo Raptor Whisper, the Boys dad had a Benjamin Prowler. We talk for awhile and i let them both try the RAM. I also got to try thier AGs, was cool. Didnt like either of their triggers XD .
So far I Like the RAM, i just need to put more pellets through it and find what pellet/Pellets have the best groups. And get that Trigger nailed down, unless i get a CDT III trigger, do these fit in the RAM? Ive never had to change a trigger but this is the first time i find myself thinking of a different trigger. I have closed the trigger adjustment screw as far as itl go then backed off a half turn ill try that and see if that will work better.


Thankyou for the Information and suggestion given through PM. I will close the adjustment screw and see how that will work. I have seen +20moa picatinny rails and also seen +20moa dovetail mounts on Opticsplanet id have to see if i can find them again. Love the Power the RAM has.

The trigger adjustment screw was set 1 full turn from being closed as it was when it arrived. . From Enough reading on GTA <ThankyouGTAMembers> i foundout to shorten the 2nd stage, the 1st stage must be lengthened. So i adjust the screw to 2 full turns out. Wow. The difference 1 full turn makes. Now the 1st stage is long, but the 2nd stage now breaks cleanly without the loong 2nd stage travel. Ooohwee. Now this gun has a goood trigger.
Also looking down the barrel,, its bent downward. Hope that doesnt do me bad. As long as the gun will group well itll be good, though may have to remain without a scope.

If you do a bit of surfing around the site you will find an easily built barrel bending tool in the GTA Library.  You can find the same tool on

Still under warranty? Send it back!
A bent barrel on this model is not typical.
You could check the breach seal to make sure that it isn't  sticking out to much. Should be just 1 to 2 thousands Over flush. I know that the factory machining on the seal grove can be hit or miss.
I had to shim mine out quite a bit. If the seal is out to much then it will cause barrel droop and the seal grove will have to be recut.


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