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Frank in Fairfield:
This rifle is more accurate than it should be.
But why be surprised?
Same company that makes the IZH46.
So, I was fooling around this morning with the little rifle (side-cocking springer) and I noticed when shooting the RWS Wadcutters, there was no rifling marks on the fired pellets.
I shot some 8.64 and 10.34 grain 4.52mm pellets and they grouped better than the Wadcutters so I upped the ante..
I shot five Crosman 10.5 Ultra-Magnums (4.53mm) off my tripod mounted rest with a 6 o’clock hold.
Whoa, Nellie.

I've got a steel 61 that prints groups like the ones you are showing. It was one of my earliest pawn shop finds and the only thing I knew about it was it had a funky russian style and I was gonna take it home with me. Glad I did.
I would think the 60/61 would be a perfect choice for young shooters.

Frank in Fairfield:
Our club has a couple for the kids to shoot.
I like the little rifle.
I take it camping and everyone wants to shoot it.


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