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Hold a small screw


Scratching my head, how to hold this screw to cut the little crescent for the keeper screw. Had an idea. Then the light bulb came on when I looked through my aluminum scraps. The scrap of aluminum already had the large hole in it. I drilled a hole same diameter as the screw right beside the large hole. Then hacksawed the slit. The shim stock provided some clamping force. Third picture, Look closely at the screw and see the little milled spot. I eyeballed it. No measurement. Last picture, it's the screw in the center of the picture.Keeper screw is installed.

 I just ran across a handy tip, if needing to put bolt threads in a vice to hold for work, wrap the threads with copper wire before clamping.

Good idea. Notice I used copper wire here. On the moveable jaw. For a different purpose.


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