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Hoppalong Doc:
     I proudly shoot my TX200 as my primary target shooter and plinker. The rifle is just under 2 years old. As of late, the cocking arm seems quite lose. It moves laterally about 3/4 of an inch as I move through the cocking motion. Although it cocks just fine, I  have concerns about parts wearing out prematurely as well as possible damage to my beautiful walnut stock.  I don't see a way to tighten the linkage, but then I 'm not a great mechanic. Anybody else have this problem and idea on the fix? Help would be appreciated,  Orv.

The cocking lever fulcrum pin has moved to one side, so that only one of the two hinge plates is held.

The easy fix is to drift it back in place with Loctite to keep it there. I fit longer (from memory 19mm by 5mm) pins that are kept from moving by the stock.

Hoppalong Doc:
       Thank you Jim. I'll pull my rifle out tomorrow and get the fix on. I learn so much from you guys with experience.  Once again, thanks. Orv.

Without seeing hard to tell what is going on.  But when I went they all of mine, I made sure to use a real good moly grease on those pins.  They were all dry from the factory, and I imagine a guy could start to wear after awhile.


Hoppalong Doc:
      It's taken me a bit of time to get into my TX200 and look at the cocking arm. We've had 100 degree plus temperatures here in So. California for nearly two weeks now. Whew  . . . . but that's hot!  First,  I  carefully drifted the off center pin back into a position where the cocking arm rested centrally between the stock arms. Next, I applied a thin coating of dry silicone to the pivot points for lubrication.  I didn't choose to apply either white lithium or molybdenum grease in fear that they might attract dirt. Now, it's time to get out there and shoot! I do appreciate each of you that tells me where to go, errr, I mean what to do. Thanks, Orv


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