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Red Grandis Stocks?

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--- Quote from: dan_house on August 24, 2022, 12:19:44 PM ---please post what ya dream up and cut out when ya get that far

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Okee Dokee.

Well, so far, the beams are about 5' long, and are 8" x 12"
My band saw can only handle stock up to about 6" thick......
So, the gent with the grandis is gonna have it slabbed 2" x 12" for me........what a nice guy!!

I have located a reasonable source for other hardwoods...maple, alder, walkut... typically for less than $10.00/BF in 8/4 thickness........
That oughta work as well.


--- Quote from: TooJung2Die on August 23, 2022, 08:25:36 AM ---I would definitely use it to make a stock. Further reading showed that Red Grandis is a trade name and the tree it comes from is a Eucalyptus Grandis, native to Australia. It's grown commercially in South America. It is popular for making furniture and gun stocks fit that category in my mind.

The terms Hardwood and Softwood are often misnomers. Yew is classified as a softwood yet is exceptionally hard. Balsa is the softest wood I know of yet it is classified as a hardwood tree.

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Hardwood comes from deciduous trees
Softwood comes from evergreens

I picked up 5 planks last week...the wood is..HEAVY !!
Nice grain...clear wood.
I am told that it is hard on blades........very hard/dense...
A bit of splitting at the ends of the planks that will reduce the yield from each board, but the price was right so I can't complain...
I think it'll make some nice stocks......
Slabbed at 2-1/4"... gonna take some additional passes thru the planer..
In the future I will ask for 8/4.....

Hoosier Daddy:
Can you post a pic of what you have Ron?


--- Quote from: Hoosier Daddy on October 07, 2022, 02:18:51 PM ---Can you post a pic of what you have Ron?

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I have it stacked under my bench with a bunch of pellets on top...........
I'll dig one out.........


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