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Red Grandis Stocks?

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In my search for an affordable wood source for making gun stocks, I have come across a good source for Red Grandis lumber.
It appears to be a nice hardwood.
Any y'all ever heard of it or used it for making stocks?


"Known for its consistent texture, grain and color some claim Red Grandis is similar to Genuine Mahogany and Cherry. It has a reputation for being a species for high-end furniture, cabinetry, doors, windows and stair projects. We have also seen Red Grandis being requested for many exterior applications such as shutters, siding, boatbuilding parts and even decking.

Recently we have received an increase in quote requests from manufacturers in the United States who traditionally use species such as Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar. They all have a feeling market pricing for those species could rise and are looking for more specifics on availably and pricing of Red Grandis since it has similar working properties and characteristics." (emphasis all mine)

Fir and cedar are soft woods.... so if Grandis has, as the webiste says, similar qualities Id think its not a viable stock wood. Quick call to your local specialty woods shop might be in order.....

I had read that..
It is referred to as a hardwood,tho,and compared to mahogany and cherry.

Any stocks I make will be for multi-pump pneumatic rifles and not subjected to the shock loading of springers.

As it will initially be free, I'l give it a try.

I would definitely use it to make a stock. Further reading showed that Red Grandis is a trade name and the tree it comes from is a Eucalyptus Grandis, native to Australia. It's grown commercially in South America. It is popular for making furniture and gun stocks fit that category in my mind.

The terms Hardwood and Softwood are often misnomers. Yew is classified as a softwood yet is exceptionally hard. Balsa is the softest wood I know of yet it is classified as a hardwood tree.

please post what ya dream up and cut out when ya get that far


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