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De cocking leshiy classic


Hello folks. I am researching the leshiy classic. I want to know if it can be decocked without firing. It doesn't really matter just curious. Thanks for any response.

Sure, just have to fold stock, hold trigger, unfold stock. Obviously if you COMPLETELY fold, the safety will be on.

Also, if it is folded, the hammer is completely blocked in the cocked position. Super safe gun to carry folded.


Thank you for the info. I am in the market for a classic. Now if I can only FIND one!!!

Very well made and very well designed. You will certainly enjoy it.


I'd either check an overseas vendor (Airgun Heaven, Krale, Mundilar, or Aceros de Hispania) or go used.  There's usually a couple listed on the AGN classified.

I spent a lot of time (months) researching my first higher-end airgun; I settled on the Leshiy Classic near the end of 2019 and have zero regrets.  IMO, it is the most versatile airgun for field use made.  Sure it isn't a repeater; I have a Lelya that meets that requirement.


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