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would you thread the bottom of a bottle?

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Good evening gentlemen. I recently saw a modification on a 300bar, 400cc aluminum bottle which looks suspicious if not dangerous. Somebody drilled and threaded the flat bottom of an aluminum bottle, fitted on an airgun, in order to fit a fill nipple.
Do you think it is safe? Would you do such a mod?

I guess it depends on the thickness of the bottom of the bottle, and how many threads of engagement you can get.... I do not know if drilling the bottom of the bottle weakens it or not....


Madd Hatter:
Drilling a flat bottom I would think it would be okay but that's just a guess.

Also, a small hole would pose less risk. Sounds interesting,  I may have to measure the base of my AEA bottle...  :o

Just recently did just that to a 500cc 3K aluminum bottle.  Fitted to an old school THEOBEN RAPID that had to have bottle removed to fill otherwise. ( what a PITA )
Found the bottom thickness once threaded 1/8-27 NPT has as many or more threads than the Foster fill fitting to be used.


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