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IZH46M broken part.


Today I discovered that a tiny little spring broke in my IZH 46M.  It's the blocking lever spring (part # 4).   Not to sure how easy it will be to get a replacement the way things are with Russia.   I have a really good hardware store nearby.   Maybe they'll have something close enough.   The gun still seems to be fully operable.   If anyone knows where to get the original or a replacement, please let me know.   Thanks

Frank in Fairfield:
You can check with Tim McMurray (MAC1).
That looks like the same spring used on Weihrauch (Beeman) safety buttons.
I think we used to get spares from a ball-point pen.
Should be at the hardware store.

Frank, my local hardware store didn't have anything close.   I made something close using a ball point pen spring.   It doesn't have the extension strength of the original but it seems to work.   We'll see how it holds up.   Thank you for the suggestion.

Frank in Fairfield:
You can use spring from disposable lighters, too.


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