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ADDING A PRESSURE GAUGE where one did not exist before .... it can be done !

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I love stuff like this.

Reminds me of when I was a kid. I drilled a hole in a 20 gram CO2 cartridge and tapped it and screwed in a quick release connector.

I hooked up my dad's air compressor and let it charge up.

I learned 120 psi was not enough pressure. But it was a fun project!  8)

Nice. Similar to what I did with my Badger.  But yours does look a lot cleaner. Why anyone would build a pcp without a fill gauge is beyond me. Especially on a bigbore that has a very thin useable fill pressure margin. Then add freezing temps. While deer hunting below 0*, I was always worried where I was at on a fill.

Surprising that the Thomas doesn't have a gauge on the rifle?

Looks clean and a good way to hide a customized part on the rifle. Really looks factory


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