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46M available from Pyramid

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--- Quote from: byhsu on January 16, 2023, 06:40:09 PM ---Is the izh46m just as accurate as the AV46m? I'm considering one of these.  I found a Canadian online site selling the non AV version. 

Doesn't have the Laminated stock,  but otherwise,  it looks the same.


--- End quote ---

The IZH or Baikal versions are preferred over the AV version, except for warrantee.  Unless the shop offers a warrantee for arriving broken on delivery, you are on your own with the original version.  Other than a crushed, rained on, or empty box I don't know of any new but defective IZH or Baikal 46M pistols.  I bought one a few years back from Krale, despite the no warranty situation.  Used may be a different story, with the breech seals going flat from having the breech fully latched shut in storage.  Else, a bit of lube in the right places, and off you go.


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